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The Ghana Aviation Industry and its stakeholders have held a consultative meeting on the
establishment of a Ghana Aviation Development Institute (GADI) at the Ghana Civil Aviation
Training Academy (GATA). The objective of the meeting was to discuss and seek inputs and
support towards the establishment of GADI.
The proposed institute will be a dedicated tertiary institution mandated to provide holistic
training, professional development and industry –inspired research for the aviation sector in
Ghana and beyond.

The institute is expected to have a multi-campus, which offer tailor- made professional aviation
programmes and courses. The professional courses offered will also earn academic credit
towards the award of university Diploma, Bachelors and Masters Degrees.
GADI is a high-level committee with representatives from the Ghana Civil Aviation
Authority(GCAA), the Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation and Prevention Bureau
(AIB), Ghana Armed forces, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)
and university of Ghana.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the consultative meeting, the Commissioner of Aircraft
Accident and Incident Investigation and Prevention Bureau (AIB), Mr. Akwasi Agyeibi Prempeh
said the growth of the aviation industry and developments surrounding its operations requires
harmonization and building of the necessary human capacity to effectively and efficiently
contribute meaningfully to the holistic progress of the industry for socio- economic development.
He said a team has been constituted with the role of reviewing the relevant materials and
documentations for establishing a harmonized institution, to be known as “Ghana Aviation
Development Institute.” The institute will enhance the performance of personnel of the aviation
key players in Ghana through its intellectually designed curricula and trainings.
Mr. Prempeh said though there have been preliminary discussions with interested parties yet
there is the need to formalized, consolidated and reconstituted to produce concrete results.

He called on all to join hands in making the initiative a success as it will be beneficial by easy
the difficulty aviation personnel go through to be trained.
The Chairman of the Committee, Prof Felix A. Asante, Pro Vice Chancellor, Research,
Innovation and Development in his remarks, welcomed the stakeholders and provided the legal
basis for the establishment of the Ghana Aviation Development Institute. He underscored the fact
that it is borne out of the various laws establishing the aviation sector agencies. These includes:
a) Section 5(j) of the Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation and Prevention Bureau
(AIB) Act,2020 (Act 1028) mandates the AIB to “establish institutions for training
personnel for the investigation of aircraft accidents or incidents that occur in Ghana.”
b) Section (d)-(g) of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority Act 2004 (Act 678) mandates GCAA
and GACL to train and build capacity in their areas
c) Ghana Air Force: Various Command Instructions provide for this.