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The Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation and Prevention Bureau (AIB)
as part of the transformation agenda to promote effectiveness and efficiency in the
delivery of its mandate has been engaged in the preparation of a Legislative
Instrument (L. I.) to operationalize the Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation
and Prevention Bureau Act 2020, Act 1028. To this end, a series of consultations have
been carried out with significant inputs from the Office of the Attorney-General and
Ministry of Justice and the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority incorporated. The output
is a draft document prepared for a more holistic stakeholder engagement.

  1. The workshop will have a singular objective of soliciting views for the
    enhancement of the draft L. I. to reflect the reality of changing times, the global
    expectation and the national agenda.
  2. As a sequel, you are kindly requested to nominate a representative (s) from
    your institution/ organisation to participate in the consultative workshop. Find
    distribution list attached.
  3. The workshop is scheduled as follows:
    Date : Thursday, 3 rd March, 2022
    Venue : AIB Conference Room
    Location : La Wireless, Adjacent AU Village, Cantonments-Accra,
    Time : 1:00pm
  4. Cognisance of the urgency and significance associated with the discussions
    and decisions required, we suggest that the nominee of each institution/ organisation
    could be at a higher decision-making level.
  5. Should you require additional information, kindly contact the Commissioner
    on 0241484413.
  6. We look forward to receiving your institution’s representative(s) at the forum
    for a successful workshop.