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1.1 Major Functions in Organisational Structure

AIB has three major Functions: Operations Function, General Corporate
Services Function and Research, Planning and Monitoring Function.

1.1.1 Investigation Function
The Investigation Function is carried out by the Investigation Division which is
responsible for maintenance and engineering as well as flight operations in the conduct
of investigation into aircraft accident and incident that may occur in Ghana or to any
aircraft registered in Ghana wherever it may be, in compliance with the requirements
stipulated by the AIB Act of Ghana and in accordance with ICAO standards and practices
The functions of the division are under two Units, namely: Safety Unit and
Operations Unit. The Safety Unit provides airworthiness expertise on aircraft:
i. power plant design, manufacturing, certification, and maintenance in the
investigation of air carrier and aviation accidents and incidents.
ii. systems design, manufacturing, certification, and maintenance in the
investigation of aircraft accident and incident.
iii. structural design, manufacturing, certification, and maintenance in the
investigation of aircraft accident and incident.
iv. maintenance records and other related records of the aircraft in the investigation
process. The Operations Unit provides expertise into aircraft accident and incident
relating to aspects of:
i. flight operations
ii. cabin safety
iii. dangerous goods
iv. ATS/Airport
v. flight recorders
vi. meteorology
vii. human factors
1.1.2 General Corporate Affairs Function
The General Corporate Affairs is responsible for providing administrative support for
effective and efficient management of resources for the achievement of the goals of the
Bureau. It consists of the following Units and corresponding functions: HR & Administration Unit
The Unit will lead human resource planning, recruitment, training and development of
staff, performance management and reward and sanctions systems for the Bureau. It will
also ensure the rollout of relevant training programmes for members of the Governing

Board and senior management staff of specified entities; provide operational support for
the management of Records of the Bureau. It will also provide operational support for the
management of AIB’s assets, fleet and logistics and direct general administrative activities
to support the maintenance of a clean and safe work environment Legal Unit
Provides legal guidance to the Bureau. to protect its interest and goals, monitors
compliance with statutory and regulatory legislation and updates the Bureau with its
standards and procedures. Also serves as Secretary to the Board. Finance Unit
The Finance Unit will provide guidance in effective financial management for the
achievement of the objectives of the Bureau by analysing financial transactions,
recording and keeping the books of accounts; collates data for the development of
standards and guidelines for financial management; prepares periodic financial reports
and coordinates the preparation of annual budget for the Bureau. Internal Audit Unit
The internal Audit Unit will manage the design and implementation of
internal audit programmes to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of
AIB’s system of financial and operating controls. The Unit will also
provide independent assurance on the adequacy of controls around the
systems and activities of the Bureau to manage risks. In addition, the Unit
will evaluate the effectiveness of AIB’s risk management and governance
process and contribute to its improvements. Public Relations Unit
The Public Affairs Unit is responsible for efficient management and access
to information, archives and resources within AIB. In addition, the Unit
will build and maintain strategic relationship with the public and other
stakeholders and maintain a positive reputation of the AIB brand.
Other responsibilities include providing organisation of corporate events,
travel arrangements, transport and other protocols necessary

1.1.3 Research, Planning & Monitoring Division:

The Research, Planning and Monitoring Division will lead the Bureau to;
 Coordinate timely completion and publication of final reports of aircraft accidents
and incidents;
 Conduct research and safety studies on air safety data for accident prevention

 Conduct research into emerging trends in the aviation industry.
 Submit annual projects and programmes of activities relating to aircraft accident
and incident investigation and prevention of the Bureau and its divisions.
The Information Technology Unit will provide IT / network services which
will support a unified, centralized and digitalized performance monitoring
and evaluation framework for real-time tracking of all SOE operations.
The Division will also oversee IT Business Continuity Planning and
Management Information Systems for the Bureau. Secretariats
The existing structure has established a secretariat each for all Departments
and units. The objective function of each secretariat is to coordinate the
documentation and printing of required reports and other communication documents.