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ECAM message, Engine two (2) stall on approach to Johannesburg, 15th April 2022.


At about 2000 UTC whilst in cruise at FL410 (approximately 5hrs after departure), the Flight Deck Crew (FDC) received an ECAM message indicating a Right-Wing Fuel Pumps Low Pressure. At 2018 UTC the FDC received an ECAM message indicating Engine #2 stall. The FDC reduced thrust on Engine #2 as per ECAM actions,  and Since there was no exceedance of engine parameters, the engine was not shutdown. The FDC increased thrust on Engine #2 twice after the initial Engine #2 stall ECAM message, and on both occasions the FDC received further ECAM messages indicating Engine #2 stall.
The flight continued to Johannesburg (FAOR) with manual thrust control and landed safely without further incidence.

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