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As part of the harmonization and leveraging on competitive resources for the effective and efficient functioning of the Bureau, there is a need to not only identify strategic resources, knowledge, competence, and skills across existing institutions but also undertake mutual understanding of partnership in operation on the delivery of separate mandate for the cumulative outcome. The desired outcome for the aviation industry in Ghana is the assurance of confidence, emanating from safety, comfort, and reliability of the integrated sector.

Cognizance of this, the Bureau sought to collaborate with key stakeholders in areas of common functionality and even in activities that may have a cumulative effect in the delivery of mandates that are integral in nature.

Subsequently, the Commissioner and his team carried out a familiarization visit of the facilities of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority. The team visited the various specialties of Safety Regulations Department and also had a tour of the Air Traffic Services Department.

A facility tour was also conducted at the Ghana Air Force to familiarize with the operations, facilities, and resources of the Air Force that might be of assistance to the Bureau in their operations.

To conclude the tour, the Commissioner and his team also visited the Rescue and Fire-fighting Services Unit and the Aviation Security Unit of the Ghana Airports Company Limited.

Visit to some facilities at the Ghana Air Force Base

Visit to the Rescue and Fire-Fighting Unit of the Ghana Airports Company Limited(GACL)

Visit to the various specialities of Safety Regulations Department, and Air Traffic Service Department of Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)